Call for a Computational Linguist: join us in our QuineViz gig!

Quine in Context will be an invited participant to Visualizing Digital Humanities, a Lorentz workshop involving philosophers, librarians and information scientists, OCLC, the company behind WorldCat, specialists in visual analytics from all over the world. We will explore our newly created dataset with the help of a range of cutting edge visualisation tools especially tweaked for humanities research.

We are looking for a computational linguist who wants to spend five full days in Leiden, fully funded, to experiment with a (small), conceptually and linguistically complex philosophical corpus from 1936-1960 in English (our Quine dataset), getting the most insightful visualisation out of the data resulting from the process, and having fun talking with Quine experts and world-renown viz experts about the experiments. Also available for experiments is a 19th century Philosophy of Mathematics corpus by the philosopher Bernard Bolzano in German.

Contact us asap if interested!


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