Quine1960 is a teaching (micro)blog devoted to a second-year course on Willard van Orman Quine’s Word & Object (1960) given by Arianna Betti at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The course is taught in Dutch, but we immediately switch to English if there is at least one student in the class that is not a native speaker of Dutch. Assigments can be all done in English, and the use of academic English is encouraged during this course.

Quine1960 always takes place in the whole first semester (September to January). It comprises five assignments and a final paper.

From September to November students do a close reading of Word & Object, two or three sections at a time, and meet in class. In late November students start working on the Final Paper. Three workshops in November, December and January support the students in individual work on their papers. For about a month, from half December to half January, students work on their papers individually.

The tools used in this course are Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Spreadsheets, Google Drawing and Zotero. Communication takes place through mail and Twitter.

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