Other teaching (Quine & non-Quine)

March/April 2019: Mereology (Master of Logic Project, Giuliano Rosella, Maria Chiara Parisi)

January 2018: Bernard Bolzano: Philosophy and Mathematics (Master of Logic Coordinated Project) & Philosophical Foundations of Distributional Semantics (Master of Logic Coordinated Project)

December 2017: Conceptual schemes (Master of Logic Individual Project)

June 2017: Machine Learning for Philosophers (Master of Logic Coordinated Project)

April-May 2017: Advanced topics in philosophy of language: philosophical foundations of distributional semantics (rMA Philosophy, Master of Logic)

Autumn 2016/17 Philosophical foundations of distributional semantics (Individual Project Laura Aina, Master of Logic)

14 March 2016 (in Dutch): BA1 Theoretische Filosofie Quine [ppt] [save this event to Google Calendar]

11 March 2016 (in Dutch): BA1 Theoretische Filosofie Logisch Empirisme [ppt]

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