Pre-conference Workshop Programme “Word and Object” 75 years later

Zaal C2.23

Pre-Conference Workshop Programme “Word and Object” 75 years later

16:40  Arianna Betti (chair), Opening

Session 1, Epistemologie

16:45-16:49 Lisa Dondorp, Are Bachelors Unmarried ‘Come What May’?

16:49-16:53 Discussie

16:53-16:57  Cees Paris, There is no Necessity – Reflections on a naturalistic point of view

16:57-17:01 Discussie

Session 2, Ontologie

17:01-17:05 Abe Jukema, Onbepaaldheid van Ontologische betrokkenheid op Grond van de Regel-volg Paradox

17:05-17:09 Discussie

17:09-17:13 Lance Verheul, What is Meta-Ontology? – A review of Carnap, Quine, and the Indispensability Argument

17:13-17:17 Discussie

17:17-17:21 Kyrke Otto, Convenient Myths: Carnapian Frameworks, Quinean Fictions and Ontic Decisions

17:21-17:25 Discussie

17:25-17:29 Pepijn Vrijbergen, On “On “On What There Is””

17:29-17:33 Discussie

17:33-17:37 Yvette Oortwijn, The Beatable Dilemma – How Quine’s mathematical Realism lets him eat his cake and have it too

17:37-17:41 Discussie

17:41-18:01 Chocolate & Coffee (?) Break

Zaal C1.23

Session  3, History of Early Analytic Philosophy

18:01-18:05 Jeroen Jung, Analyticity for Quine

18:05-18:09 Discussion

18:09-18:13 Toon Meijaard, Eén dogma herzien

18:13-18:17 Discussion

Session 4, Philosophy of Language Two

18:17-18:21 Adam Bais, Word and objections to Verbal Behavior

18:21-18:25 Discussion

18:25-18:29 Guido Doornberg, Behaviorisme versus Nativisme – Is Quine in gevaar?

18:29-18:33 Discussion

18:33-18:37 Robin Ventura, Chomskyan Misinterpretations

18:37-18:41 Discussion

18:41-18:45 Toon de Vries, Two objections to Quine on language acquisition

18:45-18:49 Discussion

18:49-19:09 More Chocolate & Coffee (?) Break (if more available)

19:09-19:13 Rosa Tibosch, Quine’s behaviouristic language acquisition in het licht van de Poverty of the Stimulus Argument

19:13-19:17 Discussion

19:17-19:21 Max Kouwenhoven, Is er een verschil tussen ‘de stimulus’ vanuit een behavioristisch en nativistisch perspectief? – een neurowetenschappelijke herziening

19:21-19:25 Discussion

19:25-19:29 Maarten Bezem, ??

19:29-19:31 Discussion

19:31-19:36 More Chocolate & Coffee (?) Break (if more available)

19:36-19:40 Tim Tamis, ??

19:40-19:44 Discussion

19:44-19:48 Tijmen El-Baradi tba

19:48-19:52 Discussion

19:52-19:56 Max Kruydenberg tba

19:56-20:00 Discussion