Undergraduate Conference Programme “Word and Object” 76 years later (21 January, 2016)

Zaal OMHP E1.07

10:30 Arrival & setup (all presentations on the computer) & Arianna Betti (chair), Opening


Session 1, Language Acquisition & Ontology Mix

10:40-10:45 Rosa Tibosch, Quine’s behavioristische taalverwerving in het licht van de Poverty of Stimulus-argument

10:45-11:47 Comments by Abe Jukema

10:47-10:49 Comments by Pepijn Vrijbergen

10:49-10:52 Plenary discussion

10:52-10:57 Pepijn Vrijbergen, On “On “On what there is””

10:57-10:59 Comments by Rosa Tibosch

10:59-11:01 Comments by Abe Jukema

11:01-11:04 Plenary discussion

11:04-11:09 Abe Jukema, Opheldering van de Problemen Aangaande Ontologische Betrokkenheid op Grond van Carnap’s Intern-Extern Onderscheid

11:09-11:11 Comments by Pepijn Vrijbergen

11:11-11:13 Comments by Rosa Tibosch

11:13-11:16 Plenary discussion

11:16-11:28 Coffee & Chocolate

Session 2, Language Acquisition

11:28-11:33 Guido Doornberg, Behaviorisme versus Nativisme – Is Quine in gevaar?

11:33-11:35 Comments by Max Kouwenhoven

11:35-11:37 Comments by Robin Ventura

11:37-11:40 Plenary discussion

11:40-11:45 Robin Ventura, Chomskyan Misinterpretations

11:45-11:47 Comments by Max Kouwenhoven

11:47-11:49 Comments by Guido Doornberg

11:49-11:52 Plenary discussion

11:52-11:57 Max Kouwenhoven, Over de acquisitie van taal en de predictive processing theorie – Quine ziet, Chomsky weet, Hohwy vergelijkt

11:57-11:59 Comments by Guido Doornberg

11:59-12:01 Comments by Robin Ventura

12:01-12:04 Plenary discussion

12:04-12:16  Coffee & Chocolate

12:16-12:21 Tijmen El-Baradi, Poëzie als commentaar op het taalverwervingsdebat

12:21-12:23 Comments by Max Kruydenberg

12:23-12:25 Comments by Tim Tamis

12:25-12:28 Plenary discussion

12:28-12:33 Tim Tamis, Wankelt Quines thesis van indeterminacy of translation?

12:33-12:35 Comments by Max Kruydenberg

12:35-12:37 Comments by Tijmen El-Baradi

12:37-12:40 Plenary discussion

12:40-12:45 Max Kruydenberg, De nativist in ons allemaal

12:45-12:47 Comments by Tim Tamis

12:47-12:49 Comments by Tijmen El-Baradi

12:49-12:52 Plenary discussion

12:52-13:48 Lunch

13:48-13:53 Toon de Vries, Quine en Chomsky over taalverwerving – Een vergeefse poging om Quine tegen Chomsky’s kritiek op Skinner te verweren

13:53-13:55 Comments by Adam Bais

13:55-13:57 Comments by Maarten Bezem

13:57-14:00 Plenary discussion

14:00-14:05 Maarten Bezem, Chomsky’s intuïtieve data

14:05-14:07 Comments by Toon de Vries

14:07-14:09 Comments by Adam Bais

14:09-14:12 Plenary discussion

14:12-14:17 Adam Bais, Word and objections to Verbal Behavior

14:17-14:19 Comments by Maarten Bezem

14:19-14:21 Comments by Toon de Vries

14:21-14:24 Plenary discussion

14:24-14:36  Coffee & Chocolate

Session  2, Epistemology & History of Analytic Philosophy

14:36-14:41 Lisa Dondorp, Explication and Understanding – The Epistemology of Metaphysical- and Stimulus-Analyticity

14:41-14:43 Comments by Jeroen Jung

14:43-14:45 Comments by Cees Paris

14:45-14:48 Plenary discussion

14:48-14:53 Cees Paris, Necessity and Naturalism – reflections on Devitts naturalistic point of view

14:53-14:55 Comments by Lisa Dondorp

14:55-14:57 Comments by Toon Meijaard

14:57-15:00 Plenary discussion

15:00-15:05  Jeroen Jung, Carnap, Quine, Analyticity, Holism and the necessity of logic and mathematics

15:05-15:07 Comments by Lisa Dondorp

15:07-15:09 Comments by Toon Meijaard

15:09-15:12 Plenary discussion

15:12-15:17 Toon Meijaard, Quine en Carnap: tegenpolen qua inhoud én benadering

15:17-15:19 Comments by Cees Paris

15:19-15:21 Comments by Jeroen Jung

15:21-15:24 Plenary discussion

15:24-15:54  Coffee & Chocolate

Session 3, Ontology

15:54-15:59 Yvette Oortwijn, The Beatable Dilemma – How Quine’s mathematical Realism lets him have his cake and eat it too

15:59-16:01 Comments by Kyrke Otto

16:01-16:03 Comments by Lance Verheul

16:03-16:06 Plenary discussion

16:06-16:11 Kyrke Otto, The Aftermath of the Quine-Carnap Dispute: how questioning Quine’s triumph may help defend his criterion against the predicate approach

16:11-16:13 Comments by Lance Verheul

16:13-16:15 Comments by Yvette Oortwijn

16:15-16:18 Plenary discussion

16:18-16:23 Lance Verheul, What is Ontological Commitment?

16:23-16:25 Comments by Yvette Oortwijn

16:25-16:27 Comments by Kyrke Otto

16:27-16:30 Plenary discussion

16:30-16:30 Arianna Betti Concluding Remarks